Friday, 8 February 2013

Disney Universe Review

Disney is cool. There are a lot of good Disney films, like Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Muppets. Those are also the only Disney movies I own on Blu-Ray, so they're really the only ones I can name. I'm going to do some reviewing here I go.

Story-4/10- Disney Universe takes place in a weird virtual reality thing called the Disney Universe. Pretty creative, I know. But this place recreates famous Disney movies and sequences, and it's run by a blue cube named VIC, short for Virtual Information Cube. There's also robots that work there, but they're friendly. Oh wait no they aren't, cause this dude named HEX takes over the program and makes everything evil and red. That's basically it. You have to go through levels and beat up bad guys, and then when you beat the last level it ends. The ending is pretty amazing though

Gameplay-6- The game could be considered a Puzzle-Platformer Beat-Em-Up. The main aspect of the game is that you get to dress up as various Disney characters from different movies, like Wall-E and Monsters Inc. Each costume has a weapon that is usually related to the character the costume is based on. HOWEVER, all the weapons behave exactly the same, basically just making it an aesthetic change. You can upgrade your weapons by finding stars in treasure chests or other secret areas. The upgrade makes the weapon stronger and changes it's appearance.

The game consists of 6 worlds, all based off Disney movies. Each world has 3 levels, which in turn are split up into 3 segments. Each level is based on a familiar setting from the particular film the world is based on. There's also 3 collectibles found in each segment, with 9 being in each level. Finding all the collectibles unlock extra things like music and character models. Each level also introduces a new gimmick, such as collecting snow cones for the Abominable Snowman, or putting out fires with water balloons.

Another big thing in the game are the enemies. There are 6 different types of enemies, and they each behave differently. There's the Fodder, which are you're basic and easiest enemies, the Flying Fodder, which is like the Fodder, but it flies, the Brutes, which are the strongest, the Rotos, who have big ol' wrecking balls for hands, Bulldogs, which are fast AND strong, and the Spawners, who are fat and spawn enemies.

Sadly, the fights with enemies basically comes down to mashing the attack button a whole lot, making for very little strategy, and a whole lot of tedium. There are also boss fights that mix things up, but there are only really 4 of them in the game. They have you fighting familiar Disney villains like Scar and AUTO.

Like most things in the world, this game requires money to advance. Buying costumes costs money, and even the worlds need to be bought before you can play them. luckily, money is in quite an abundance, coming in three varieties, the gold shaped like a Mickey Mouse head, the cube of gold with Mickey heads on all sides, and the diamond shaped gold with a Mickey head slapped in the middle. They all have different values, but lord knows if I care care enough to find out what they are.

The game requires you to play through every level twice in order to get everything. Playing through a level a second time allows you to net a secret second costume, and the level becomes slightly harder I think. the enemies also change too.

The puzzles in the levels basically boil down to dragging things around and putting them in places. You drag robots around, you drag people on magic carpets around, you drag cannons around and shoot things, it all becomes very tedious after you reach world 3 or 4.

Graphics-7/10- I simply cannot talk about graphics that much. They're okay, nothing special. It looks good. That's about it. My favorite cosmetic thing is the loading screens, which do the usual loading screen thing with tips for the game coming on the screen, but this game kinda flips it on it's head, because after VIC s done giving the tip, HEX will appear and give a snide remark, or how fun it is to throw bombs at your friends. But yeah, that's basically it.

Overall-7/10- It's an alright game, definitely worth bargain bin price or a rent. The same concept seems to be going on with Disney Infinity, but that game looks much better. HEX is also a great villain who I like a lot, because evil is cool.

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